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Gravel Sales

Dunoon provides the community with easy access to a variety of gravel and sand products for all your maintenance, construction and landscaping needs. Our gravel pit is conveniently located just west of Terrace on Highway 16. Our facility welcomes everything from small trailers to large commercial trucks. Our product is clearly labeled with a simple coding system to ensure most accurate rate costs and product selection, and our experienced staff will ensure an efficient loading experience.

This pit includes an automated commercial weight scale system to ensure accurate weights. Customers looking for continual access to gravel pit products can be assigned an account with a RFID Key FOB, enabling you to access the weight scales without staff present.


Our commercial dump trucks are available to haul your load to your site, at a cost of $90 / hour with a minimum one hour charge. For further information on delivery please call the Dunoon office at 250-638-7918.


Dunoon is open for business Monday to Friday.
Pit operators are standing by 8:00am—4:30pm.
Our corporate office is open 8:00am—5:00pm to handle your questions and process payments.


DescriptionTruck Density
Tonnes / m3
$ / tonne
9.5 mm Crushed Sand1.4810$14.60
10 mm Screened Sand1.4810$11.87
19 mm (3/4") Crushed - Well Graded Base1.6977$10.74
19 mm (3/4") Crushed - High Fines Surfacing1.7010$10.74
75 mm Crushed - SGSB1.6977$7.10
25 - 12.5 mm (1") Drain Rock1.2720$11.99
50 - 38 mm (2") Drain Rock1.2060$12.78
12.5 - 9.5 Pea Gravel1.3000$11.65
Angular Rock (natural)$15.69
Top Soil - Screened$13.53
Top Soil - Un-screened$10.82
Individual Rocks$15 — $55 each
Topsoil (Longbox)$43.30 (Longbox) / $37.87 (Shortbox)
Minimum Purchase$27.60

Weights and Volumes

1 Tonne = 1000 Kg
1 Ton = 2000 lbs
2000 lbs = 907 Kg
Sieve and proctor available upon request.
A tandem dump truck holds approximately 8 m3 or 12 tonnes of material (varies by truck and material).